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Tutorials & Guides

How to change the login password?

Log in to WINBOX, click “I”> “set up”> “Change login password”

How to change the payment password?

Log in to WINBOX, click “Me”> “set up”> “Reset Payment Code”

How to change the mobile phone number?

Log in to WINBOX, click “I”> “Picture Avater”> “phone number”

How to add friends?

Log in to WINBOX, click “Contacts”> “new friend”> After entering “Search Friends”, click Search to “Add Friends”

When do I need to log in on other devices

In order to protect your account, when logging in with other devices, you need to complete the “bind device” step and enter your mobile number on the new device to receive the verification code to log in

Transaction Record

The transaction records on the upper right of the wallet function can filter various platforms and times to view detailed transaction records. In addition, this function introduces the user’s input in detail.


Order history

The order history function can save the user’s recharge and withdrawal records. Click on the record to view details
If your recharge and withdrawal are not approved or rejected, you can click on the details to view the reason.