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WINBOX Can not log in

  • Make sure your network is up and running
  • Make sure to enter your UID account and password correctly
  • Pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase letters of the password

How to become an agent?

  • If you become our member, you will permanently get 0.2% commission from all lower-level players
  • No need to help customers top up, there is an Auto system topup,withdraw all in one in winbox
  • Our team will get you everyday earn money
  • No need to own capital to get profits

Easy and simple way to make money

 To get Agent/Menber, please contact us to learn more

How to download WINBOX?


Click the Apple “Download” above, or go to to download.


Select “Download Ios”>> click “Install”>> click “OK”>> APP is downloading


Go to “Settings”>> click “General”>> click “Profile and Manage Devices”> >click “Options”


Click “Trust”>> complete the steps to log in to the APP

How to win in winbox? winbox tips/winbox hack

Winbox is worth a try to improve your winning skills. If you are facing losing money for a long time, you can try this method. This is a method we have learned from many customers, and it has a chance to increase the win rate. For example, if you play a slot machine in Genting, if you lose money on this machine, you can exchange for another machine. And players keep losing money, which is most likely due to account problems. If you want to change the status quo, you can follow our steps and try to open a new account by clicking the link below.


Step 1: Find “Forgot Password” at the bottom right in the login page and choose to reset the password

Step 2: Select the “mobile phone number or email address” to reset the password

Step 3: Enter your correct UID account number and mobile phone number or email address to receive the verification code

Step 4: Enter your new password into the 2 box and click “Next” to complete the reset.


The chips can be obtained through the system and it will calculated based on the rebate from your subordinate players bets and your total bets

Furthermore, chips can also be obtained from the “LIONKING” game platform. LIONKING will rewards lots of “PRIZES” occasionally and users will be rewarded by obtain chips with different amount at LIONKING.

A small green chip logo appears at the game icon, it means that such game supports chips for entertainment. Now there are “EKOR”, “Poker Win” and “Lion King” support to play with chips

The chips are a rebate given to the majority of user groups but it cannot withdraw. Nevertheless as long as it is a valid bet, it will automatically be converted into credit

The chip will be automatically dispense into the user’s wallet through the system based on daily basis at GMT + 8 15:00 to 16:00 time period

The total-bet will be reset daily, and the calculation of the total bet start and reimbursement time is from 12:00 till 11:59 the next day.